Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weds Night F.U.E.L. Up^

We PRAISE JESUS for a Wonderful Wednesday Night Bible Study, Prayer Time and Fellowship time with one another. The verse by verse study of Colossians is wonderful. Come and be a part of Wednesday Nights at Silver Run. Bring a friend and get your mid-week F.U.E.L .UP^!

F.U.E. L. Up stands for: a growing FAITH; UNITY as with other Belivers; EVANGELISTIC - leading everyone to reach out for Jesus; and it is all wrapped up in Jesus' LOVE.

When we do this we F.U.E.L. UP...The UP is living our lives with our eyes on Jesus and our Hearts on His Ministry.

F.U.E.L. UP at Silver Run! God has something to offer EVERYONE of EVERY AGE. Don't miss YOUR Blessing!

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