Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fellow Saints,

Below is a address to a web site with some great devotions,

I use several of them from time to time and normally 2 of them I read daily. Some of them I don’t read b/c I don’t agree with the author and others are not be the best, so choose carefully the ones you take into your daily life. Most of them are good.

Read these only AFTER you have read you Bible. Devotions in no way should take the place of God’s Word. They bring light to God’s Word and help us to view things from another standpoint. As a writer in the Daily Bread said, “If you are reading this devotion in place of God’s Word, throw the devotion away and READ God’s Word.”

In God’s Word, begin reading in JOHN and go to the back of the Bible. Read it with the goal to UNDERSTAND it, not just to rush through it so you can say you did it. The Holy Spirit will help you understand it as you go through it.

Again, read in John and then to the back of the Bible FIRST. Too many well meaning people begin their reading in Genesis and never make it through the Bible. It is BEST if we read the NEW Testament first and then read the Old Testament. All of it is God’s Word and valuable, helpful and life changing.

Take time to FEED yourself on God’s Word DAILY…just as we need food and water to be healthy, we need God’s Word to FILL our souls with His Goodness, His Guidance and His Will for our lives. Don’t STARVE yourself Spiritually!

We can get ALL of God we want. Let’s get to it and see what God has to say to benefit our lives and the lives of those around us!

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