Monday, October 4, 2010

Making God, MY GOD!

Sunday Morning Service - October 3, 2010

Pastor Kip was preaching on what we need to do to make God our God from 1 Peter 1:13-16.

Sermon Series:
Words to Live by from an Old Fisherman!

2 Keys of The Christian Life:

  1. Live INTENTIONALLY. Make your life count for God. (Don't just go with the world's flow.)

  2. Strive to BE LIKE JESUS and you will PLEASE Jesus!
I. We need to be READY for Godly Action!

  • Prepare Your Minds for ACTION! (1 Peter 1:13a)

  •  The mind wonders unless we control it.
II. We need to CONTROL ourselves!
  • "Be Self-controlled" literally means to be sober. The Greek word here means "wine-less." (1 Peter 1:13b)
  • Don't let anything or anyone intoxicate you!
III. We need to STAY FOCUSED on Jesus!
  • Keep Your Eyes and Heart on Jesus!
  • Be disciplined in your faith! Remember we are all accountable to GOD!
  • Be CONFORMED to the Christian Life!
  • Our words and deeds should point others to Jesus!
V. We need a NEW standard of CONDUCT!
  • God says, "Be Holy, for I AM Holy!" This is not a is a command.
  • We should RESEMBLE our Heavenly Father so much people see Jesus in us!
Conclusion: STRIVE to be HOLY in all you do! Simply put, be like JESUS!

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