Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When The Resurrection Calls Your Name!

Easter Sunday Morning Service, April 4, 2010

Pastor Kip preached on what was happening after the ressurection of Jesus Christ and the lessons we can learn from it today. Key Scriptures: John 20:1-18

  1. Found the Tomb Empty! Mary loved Jesus so much she went to His Tomb to care for His Body! (John 20:1)...Mary teaches us to have no limits to what we will do for Jesus...Mary ran to tell Peter and John this news. It concerned Jesus and she was eager to get the word to them! (John 20:2)...Peter and John went to see for themselves! Notice they did not wait for a meeting or a vote, they RAN to see! (John 20:3-9)
  2. Failure to Understand! Peter, John and Mary loved Jesus, but did not understand His Teachings. Many of the Jewish Leaders did understand! (Matthew 27:62-66)...This teaches us that we, as Individuals, need to understand God's Word.
  3. Faith was Rewarded! Mary loved Jesus so much she lingered at the Tomb seeking answers! (John 20:10-14)...Those who seek Jesus find Him! (Proverbs 8:17)...We need to stay close to Jesus especially when we don't understand what is happening!
  4. Finally Mary Understands when she HEARS Jesus' Voice. It brought her JOY, Peace and Purpose! Mary finally and fully recognized Jesus when He called her name! (John 20:15-16)...Mary reached out clasped His feet and worshipped Jesus. Then Jesus told her to go and tell others. SHE DID! (John 20:17-18)...There is a time to Worship in solitude and with others. Then there are times to go and shaare the Good News of Jesus with others! We go as Jesus Leads us!
  5. Jesus is Calling YOUR NAME TODAY! Jesus loves you as much as He loves Mary. He is Calling out to you today! (Revelation 3:20-22)...Blessings await those who turn their lives completely over to Jesus! (Matthew 5:1-12)

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